Decking Design and Construction.

handyman decking 2Decking is one of the most versatile means of dressing your patio area, providing a comfortable area to rest, relax and enjoy those sunny, warm days.


Decking can also be a more economic handyman deckingmeans of creating a patio area, where there are problems with elevations, such as when the land at the rear of your property slopes away from the house, or for caravans and the like.

Decking can be built to any size or shape and any elevation and can even be used on top of the your garage roof, where that is accessible from another level or from upstairs.

There are almost unlimited options with decking.

Banister spindles can be either wooden or even replaced with clear acrylic or toughened glass panels.

We can design and build you new patio decking, or extend, repair or clean and treat your existing decking areas.

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